Wednesday, June, 07th, 2017


2017/6/7 「Private English Lessons」   shadow A: The paper says the burglar was arrested. B: He didn't know he was shadowing by the detective.


Wednesday, June, 28th.

Bugatti2017.jpg 2017/6/27 「Private English Lessons !」   shock A: I hear his house was burnt to ashes last night. burnt= A fire was burning in the fireplace. ash= Investigators sifted through the ashes to find the cause of the fire. B: Really? It must be a great shock to him. shock= It was a big shock when Connie left her husband. A: That old man of sixty got married with a teenager! marry= He married her in 1960. B: I'm too shocked to say anything. anything= Choose anything you like.


Thursday, June, 29th. Shoot

Bugatti2017.jpg 2017/6/29 「Private English Lessons !」   shoot A: The bush has so many new shoots. new= Today I learned something new. B: Yes, they look very fantastic. Spring's come at last. fantastic= I've been offered a job. That's fantastic. A: Did he get injured badly? injure= He injured his leg. B: Yes, very badly. He was shot in the left leg. But luckily the shot missed the bone. He'll be all right in a moth or two. leg= A spider has eight legs. luckily= Luckily, no one has hurt.